Who we are

The winery LA GANGHIJA was started in 2004 by passionate young winemaker, Enzo Rapalino, who wanted to express his love of the wine of the area where he grew up. LA GANGHIJA is situated in the heart of Treiso, a small village with beautiful landscapes, part of it’s charm comes from being in the famous BARBARESCO D.O.C.G. wine region. The winery is very much a family business. Enzo is supported by his wife Milena, his parents and his brother. The decision to start making their own wine(exclusively from their own vineyards) was conceived during Enzo’s studies at Enology School in Alba Enzo is able to buttress his family’s knowledge and experience with his recent studies of vinification to produce quality wines which proudly represent the style of the area. The production of wine is fairly recent for the Rapalino family, but the work in the vineyards has gone on for many generations, currently the family farms 22 hectars of vineyards situated in the town of Treiso, Magliano Alfieri and Alba(Madonna di Como).